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Hello, my name is Ellie, I'm passionate about making products that make an delightful experience to users. I firmly believe that design is first and foremost about solving problems. I love curiosity of innovation, new product and tools. Everyday making sure product and services always deliver delight to users and meet users'need.

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When I open up my MacBook Pro each day, I am excited about doing my work. When I’m happily working, I am enjoying my work, I’m loving life even more.

Web Design

It is a magic of website’s overall look and feel that instantly conveys an attitude to clients before they even start reading the content on the site.

UX Design

I love being able to solve problems and accept new challenges at work. The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and keep pushing.




App that remotely control car

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Website about Paul Allen's Philanthropy


App that personalize reviews from friends

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App about online Bank


App about trip planning

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